How to Make Flush Pull Handles on Your Office Doors User-Friendly

Flush pull handles are often used on sliding doors that need a recessed handle that doesn't impede the door's opening or closing. However, these kinds of handles are becoming increasingly popular on general office doors that open outwards with a pull.

If you're having a redesign in your office and you like the sleek minimalist look of flush pull handles, then you may want to install them on your doors. While this is viable, you need to put some thought into the handles you choose and how you use them. What do you need to do to make flush pull handles work on your doors?

Get a Good Grip

Pulling a flush pull handle to the side to open a sliding door is a bit different from using the handle to pull open a door. Recessed pull handles may not have enough room inside the handle for people to get a grip to pull the door open. If the door is heavy, they may struggle even more. So, look for flush pull handles that are a little wider or longer than the norm. You want a recess in the handle that is big enough for users to get their fingers in to get a handhold. If you can find handles with a larger lip inside each side of the recess, then so much the better. The more room and traction people have, the easier it is to open the door.

Adjust Door Closers

Door closers or closing hinges make sure that doors automatically close themselves after they've been opened. If your doors have closers on them, then they can make it harder for people to use flush pull handles.

Sometimes, the hinges on these closers need to be disengaged before the door can be opened. This isn't a problem with a regular pull handle. If you want to open the door, you may just have to pull hard to start with.

However, a stiff closer makes it harder to open a door with a flush pull handle which uses a different kind of grip. It's worth checking the settings on your closers and adjusting them to make the doors open more easily.

Consider Two-Way Opening

If you worry that people won't be happy with a recessed pull handle, then you can switch the way your doors open. Changing the mechanism so doors can be pushed open as well as pulled may make things easier for you and your staff.

So if you want to look at office-ready flush pull handles and try some out, talk to your locksmith. They can show you examples, fit your handles and help you tweak your doors if you need to.