Top Trends in Coworking Spaces

Australia's coworking space is expected to triple and increase the nation's economic output by $122 billion by 2030. The industry's growth can be attributed to companies' need to reduce operational costs, and remote workspaces make the objective possible. Moreover, the growing number of digital nomads has played a significant role in the growth of coworking spaces. However, most coworking space owners agree that layout and furniture considerations are not enough to retain members. Customers want more. This article highlights popular trends in coworking spaces.


Traditionally, coworking spaces have targeted a wide range of customers from various industries. Today, young, old, female, and male customers can walk into any coworking space and do their work. The sheer diversity and sense of community have led to the popularity of coworking spaces. However, coworking space owners are quickly embracing the niche-specific concept. It is because customers are looking for workspaces that can be customised to meet specific parameters. In this regard, coworking spaces can be tailored based on gender, lifestyle, and industry. For instance, niche specificity is evident in female-focused coworking spaces. The facilities are solely designed to provide women with a safe working environment, which empowers them.

Hybrid Coworking Spaces

Although not a new concept, hybrid coworking spaces are definitely on the rise. Also called 'drop-in' workspaces, the facilities are integrated into existing spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, and stores, which creates a lot of flexibility for customers and property owners. For example, restaurants that see little business during the day can transform their floors into coworking spaces and revert to entertainment spots at night. Leveraging the sharing economy allows property owners to make money while assisting other businesses. The best part is that the cost of running hybrid coworking spaces is low, allowing owners to provide perks like free or discounted snacks for an unrivalled customer experience.

Multi-Location Coworking Spaces

In 2010, 21,000 people were using coworking spaces worldwide. The number has grown 128 times, with more than 2.26 million people working in co-shared workspaces in 2020. As people travel more, it is crucial to provide convenience in accessing coworking spaces. Consequently, business owners are embracing multi-location spaces. Some service providers offer local and international memberships passes to their customers, which provides access to coworking spaces in different jurisdictions. Most importantly, it eliminates the hassle of looking for a coworking space when travelling to another state or country.  

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