How to Make Flush Pull Handles on Your Office Doors User-Friendly

Flush pull handles are often used on sliding doors that need a recessed handle that doesn't impede the door's opening or closing. However, these kinds of handles are becoming increasingly popular on general office doors that open outwards with a pull. If you're having a redesign in your office and you like the sleek minimalist look of flush pull handles, then you may want to install them on your doors. While this is viable, you need to put some thought into the handles you choose and how you use them. Read More 

When You Only Need to Move a Short Distance

There are a number of people who consider moving house to be on the list of the most stressful things that can happen in life. Admittedly, the whole experience can feel overwhelming, but moving a short distance is generally going to be more straightforward than moving to the other side of the country or overseas. Many parts of the process are going to be the same no matter how far you move, but perhaps you are only relocating to the other side of town? Read More 

Can Mulch Keep Termites Out of Your Garden?

While mulch may not seem like an obvious way to keep termites at bay, some organic mulches may deter termites from rooting around in your garden. How does this work and which mulches are best? Termites and Mulch Termites generally like mulch and the environment it creates. While they may eat some mulches, this isn't the main reason they venture into mulched areas. When you scatter organic matter in your garden, you create a moisture-trapping layer. Read More 

Why You Should Always Get a Prepurchase Strata Report, No Matter How Straightforward the Deal

Some people are so enamoured by such a property that they take everything at face value and push to close the deal as soon as possible. However, history may be able to reveal multiple reasons for caution, especially if you don't feel like you confidently understand the process. This is the main reason why you should commission a pre purchase strata report. What pitfalls could be awaiting you, if you're not careful? Read More