When You Only Need to Move a Short Distance

There are a number of people who consider moving house to be on the list of the most stressful things that can happen in life. Admittedly, the whole experience can feel overwhelming, but moving a short distance is generally going to be more straightforward than moving to the other side of the country or overseas. Many parts of the process are going to be the same no matter how far you move, but perhaps you are only relocating to the other side of town? Or maybe just a few streets over? These short distance moves can be a breeze, with just a small amount of planning. Use the geography to your advantage for a staggered and simple moving experience.

Checking Out Your New Home 

Ease of access is a massive benefit when you only move a short distance. You might take possession of the property days before you move in, and you can inspect your new home with just a short drive (or perhaps even a walk). This allows you to plan for the placement of your furniture and possessions with some detail, along with the best points of entry for the rooms and the items that you plan to place inside them. You could even take a measuring tape if needed.

Packing Everything Up

You'll still need to pack up your possessions for transport, but this doesn't need to be as rigorous it would be for a long-distance move. Breakable items still need to be adequately protected (wrapped with paper and/or bubble wrap), but non-fragile items can simply be loosely placed in a box. They might not be in their transport boxes for more than a few hours anyway.

A Car Service

Individual boxes can easily just be moved across in your car. You might want to enlist the help of family and friends who might be able to ferry boxes across in their cars. This actually allows for a staggered move, meaning that items can be delivered and put away before additional items arrive.

Heavier Items

You still might want to hire a local removals company for the bulky and heavy items. You could save money by renting a smaller truck, which can then make a couple of trips. Just like the staggered delivery of boxes, furniture can be unloaded and put into position before additional items arrive. This allows you to steadily set up your new home as your possessions are transported across, meaning that you can essentially move in and unpack in a slow and steady stream throughout the day.

Moving to a new home that's just a stone's throw from your old home can be a rather stress-free experience, and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be set up in your new place.